Web links

Some links here with people I have worked with and organizations I was involved with

Fulwood leisure center Lifeguard

Pringle of Scotland Designer

Les Deux Velos Cycling lodge Owner, now sold and run by Elma and Marc a lovely Dutch couple

Le Ronde de L’Isard committee member responsibility to promote race to anglophone countries and teams

The National Council for the Blind of Ireland Route manager for Charity ride through three countries 140 cyclists

Celi Cela and the Other … President of a local association

Notable Cyclists, I worked with;

Charlie Wegelius

Sean Kelly

Ciaran Power and most of the Lynda Mc Cartney riders based in Toulouse

Graeme Fife

Stuart Stevens terrifying man …. long story …..

Nigel Dick …. cycling enthusiast and Music Video producer… “Feed the world” remember that one .. came to Massat to make a film:: filmed my daughter Jane when she was little.

Simon O’Brien  Damon from Brookside soap, on Channel 4 in our youth and now a TV presenter and all around good guy .. the second bloke to hold Jane when she was born. He has a group of snowboarders staying at the Lodge on the due date, I cooked then dropped, as they would say in Liverpool… many years a visitor to the Lodge.

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