More Liquid Art

trimmed painting.

I have done a lot of liquid art this week, learning the techniques ready to teach in May.

Getting quite excited about the possibilities for fabric print design. using this method of finding form and colour and then editing digitally to upload to a fabric print manufacturer.  I am checking out as a way to make this happen.

English teaching

Jans Audio file

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Have you ever been in a situation with a group of native speakers and somebody has just asked you a question and you need to answer spontaneously? Do you feel intimidated?

Do you become frustrated because you know that if you were in your home environment you could do this without a second thought?

I am going to share with you three techniques as to how to make impromptu speaking in a foreign language much less stressful.


Sailing talk

Sailing the boat and other ways to physically express oneself.

This is a boat.
59er diner
This is a diner

What they both have in common is they are both called a “59er”. Even in Germany, this can result in conversational confusion. Especially when it is Jim and Jan (known affectionately to Jan as Yin and Yang, opposite forces etc..) enthusing over 59ers. They both look like they have enjoyed many a good full English breakfast. Continue reading “Sailing the boat and other ways to physically express oneself.”