Sailing talk

Sailing the boat and other ways to physically express oneself.

This is a boat.
59er diner
This is a diner

What they both have in common is they are both called a “59er”. Even in Germany, this can result in conversational confusion. Especially when it is Jim and Jan (known affectionately to Jan as Yin and Yang, opposite forces etc..) enthusing over 59ers. They both look like they have enjoyed many a good full English breakfast. Continue reading “Sailing the boat and other ways to physically express oneself.”

Sailing talk

“Sailing” he said.

img-20161109-wa0002.jpg“There is a really great opportunity to cross the Adriatic in November,” said Jim returning from the sailing club room one sunny spring day in 2016.

“Oh really that sounds like an adventure, you’d love that, you should say yes please to that opportunity”. Said I innocently.

“Okay”, said Jim and bounded off very enthusiastically to get his name down as crew.

I didn’t ask Jim to put my name down too.

But he did. Continue reading ““Sailing” he said.”