About Jan, how to contact her.

Publicity shot of designs I created for an equestrian show.


Welcome to my blog.

I am  Janet known as Jan to her family, a trained and British qualified Fashion designer to BA(Hons) degree standard.

Young at heart, but regrettably old enough to just remember seeing the Sex Pistols live on British television.

I was brought up and educated in the UK. Rebelliously in my mid-twenties, I moved to work and make a family in the French Pyrenees.

During this time as well as doing some freelance designing I mainly focused on running a cycling lodge and organizing cycling related events.

My children are now mature and independent, my daughter Jane Flanagan is on the way to becoming a  jockey in the UK.

So it is time now for me to change my life too.

Happily, in a very loving relationship with a gentleman based in Munich, the Pyrenees are now not so much my focus.

Having worked and lived in the French language most of my adult life, learning German is a new challenge and I am looking at my abilities and experiences and molding a future professionally for myself.

I have a TEFL qualification and I  teach English as a foreign language online and also here in Munich. I am also resuming writing the book I started in 2008.

I live in Fürstenried West, very near the forest in Munich.

Please get in touch using the following form or use the email address


Thank you, Jan Flanagan Smith.