It can turn into a school yard brawl in precisely five minutes.

You’d be surprised perhaps if you hadn’t been a fly on the wall of our relationship  (Yin and Yang, Jim and Jan) to learn that the term of endearment, “Darling little sausage” can create such mayhem whilst cooking a meal on a Saturday night.

It started so lovingly….. Jim ” Darling little sausage” to Jan….

Jan ” oh sweety say it again…

Jim “Little darling sausage”

Oh said Jan… you changed it …..

“Yes,” said Jim “and I can say this nine different ways”…

“No, you cannot,” says Jan

“Jan three squared is nine”….

Yes,  says Jan… “but two squared is four but you can only say darling sausage two ways.  Darling sausage and sausage darling”.

Its exponent said Jan… like breeding rabbits.. its six times.

So how many times can you say darling little sausage bear…. says Jim.

Jan guestimated more than 56…. and started writing out her lines while Jim cooked.


After half a sheet of paper Jim intervened.. there must be a formula for this he said,

“I am sure there is but as we don’t know what its called,” says Jan

“We´ll have to do this ourselves then,” says Jim stirring up more than the cooking.

He tried, we gave up and went downstairs to the man cave to watch Jason Statham grow a bigger bald spot….

Does anyone know of the formula for this? Please…  We are still berating Mr Braun our maths teacher for not equipping us with solutions to life’s problems.

rabbits fibo

Not sure this is even the solution.

In fact its not… is it?

One word…. one sentence… two words  1+1 =two sentences ….. Three words… (1+1+1) times the =Six sentences,  but when you get to four words… 1+2+3+4 no longer works… there are many more than ten sentences possible…. then we might have a pattern…. please help someone…. its a thing of possibilities  there got to be a formula.