Posting for a friend….

I happened upon one of the funniest people I haven’t met recently.. she posted on the Facebook Acrylic pouring forum… and we´ve been in touch nearly daily ever since… she`s quite amazing.. recovered from a brain tumour and and and… understands everything my daughter has gone through with her brain injury..

Just to explain the terminology of paint pouring…Cells are the bubbles of resistance created by adding dimethicone or silicone, that brings colours up in a bubble.

There are three type of silicone used in the paint pouring world, one of the most successful but very embarrassing versions is KY jelly. the other is for lubricating running tracks in Gyms, I use stuff for cars.. right … none of that embarrassing sexual or challenging exercise stuff…. here goes the post from Karen in Australia.. she can complain when she wakes up to me for posting it.


Do you look at the posts on here, break down in tears while simultaneously trying to shut your mouth to take an antidepressant? Have images of bitch slapping those who say they don’t like their amazing art pop into your head? As I would, I mean she would give her right breast to get results like that, hell her right breast and left toe and a testicle if she had one!

They say they didn’t want cells, their cells are too big, too small! Hell the only cell I have seen is in jail after harming said artists who couldn’t see the beauty in their own work.
She said she has followed all the recipes, watched the video’s and broken down with the lack of results muttering Why, why, WHY ….continuously.

Practice they told her, any more practice and she could be an Olympian that can’t get to the finish line. She tried personal lubricant as suggested, did nothing for her art but she appeared happy about something. That failing she tried the treadmill although keeping her balance while trying to measure the drops and running proved hazardous.

Then she saw that you have sold some art whilst she has become broke buying supplies that have strangely poured like fluid throughout the house and garage, not a cranny untouched. She is, however, grateful for her art as now she is homeless after being let out of the art addicts asylum she can use it to keep her warm and built a nice house out of her canvases.

But it’s ok as she has found a group of like-minded people to hang with. Has anyone else got a friend like this, felt like me, I mean her or is she alone with these thoughts and frustrations?

Oh and those men out there, have you got a testicle she can have? All in the name of art of course. She said to enjoy your art while lamenting her creativity and the monsters it creates. . close quotes…

Thanks, Karen.. you amused 54 thousand people on that forum… you´re a paint pouring legend in your own lifetime… shame I only have four followers to promote her humour…

They deleted her post…. ?????