Jim Humour

Jim and food…. its a messy business.


Not sure how long this post will stay available if it travels too far around Jim’s workplace, then I will possibly have to delete it but for now here goes…..

I like cooking, Jim loves cooking, together we have made sausages,  eaten in some very nice restaurants, and Jim has been very creative, and sees food evidently as a source of entertainment on many levels.

Apparently, the frustrated man asking for Jim to stop was a very respected media lawyer in Munich… we didn’t get that table again on subsequent visits….

For none French speakers…. we both like eating whelks,( Boulots in French), which is also the slang word for a job.  So when Jim asked, “il y a du boulot pour les boulots?” Is there any work for the Whelks?… When Jim said “ne me touche pas comme ca” ( don’t touch me like that) that was me cackling in the background.

Jim makes up Limericks, often autobiographically. The two here are not 18+
Just a little something I got when he came home from work yesterday.