Sailing talk

“Sailing” he said.

img-20161109-wa0002.jpg“There is a really great opportunity to cross the Adriatic in November,” said Jim returning from the sailing club room one sunny spring day in 2016.

“Oh really that sounds like an adventure, you’d love that, you should say yes please to that opportunity”. Said I innocently.

“Okay”, said Jim and bounded off very enthusiastically to get his name down as crew.

I didn’t ask Jim to put my name down too.

But he did.Fast forward through months of a long perplexing silence on the subject from Jim, and from me many unasked thus unanswered questions.

We went… I was nervous having never sailed on the sea before.

We flew into Bari, Italy and arrived at the boat moored up at about three in the afternoon. I was unclear what the plan was, we were five I had counted heads, two novices, and three experienced sailors. Pizza seemed to be the preoccupation at 4pm. We found a restaurant nearby. By six in the evening. We had a safety drill. That was comforting, but I was totally stunned by the next announcement.

“We set sail now”….. in the dark. As the wind was getting up!

This is a blog post, not a novel so I will cut to the juicy bit.

We sailed right across the Adriatic from Bari to Dubrovnik. jolly quickly in the night.

In the dark in a gale.

I spent most of the time in the cabin. listening to the keel, worried it might break off, the boat was rolling from side to side.

I didn’t vomit. Everyone else did except one sailor. I think I was too scared to vomit and in any case, my stomach contents were the only thing I had to hang onto, no rails no handles were reliable. Navigating to a toilet was impossible.  Jim came down below to our cabin. He felt seasick. He stayed just long enough to get a tirade of verbal abuse from me. I sent him back up above to sail the boat, and take responsibility for everything.

Everything. It was all his fault.

The weather, my lack of understanding of the plan,  He put Italy on the map, he thought he was a god, after all, he was responsible for the sun and moon and stars.. and most certainly the wind.  I was not even in control of my tongue… that was his fault too.

But I loved it. really I did, by seven in the morning, I was all smiles.  I would do it all again.

The photos were taken during the calmer moments of our holiday.

Jim is the cheery chappy in yellow.